Denver Paint Correction Pros – Detail Force

We were notified of this project almost 9 months in advance. The 2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale. A car to be seen in and a car to enjoy, properly. This spec list screamed Italian race heritage…..until delivery day, when we saw the actual condition of the finish.

Yes, your $430k custom ordered Ferrari Super Car that you waited 11 months for can, and likely will, be delivered to you full of defects straight from the factory and showroom floor that rob you from the experience of it’s true color, depth, and brilliance.

Not to worry. We started with a thorough paint decontamination to remove any below and above bonded surface contaminants, as well as any compound or polish residue (of which there was a lot and clear evidence of very poor high speed polishing). After the paint cleanse we started in on the finish defects. We used the mighty Rupes long throw random orbital polisher range with an assortment of polishes and pads to safely remove the defects and bring the clarity back to the paint.

We always polish brake and headlights as well. It is the small and often overlooked details on a car that really give it the final pop when stepping back and taking the whole car in.

After the paint was polished to perfection, we used Gyeon Prep to remove any and all polishing residue from our paint correction process. We then installed the Gyeon Quartz Mohs+ Ceramic Coating system. This coating is a two part Silica Dioxide based system consisting of 2 base coats designed to produce extreme hardness and gloss and a top coat designed to sheet water and contaminants from the vehicles surfaces safely and effectively in order to preserve the finish underneath.

Once the Gyeon Mohs+ System is installed, each layer is cured with Short Wave InfraRed Curing lamps. This step produces maximum hardness and gloss and truly brings a touch more out of the coating system.

After curing, the 458 is rolled outside for final inspection. This car was an absolute joy to work on. With over 35 hours in to this project the turn around was stunning. The wheels were also coated with Gyeon Rim, the windshield in Gyeon View, and the interior in Gyeon LeatherCoat for complete protection. For more information on Detail Force and Gyeon Quartz Coatings please call 720-767-4278. Our Denver Paint Correction Pros will aim to exceed your expectations every time. Enjoy!