Auto Detailing Services

Auto Detailing has become a very broad term. At Detail Force we offer a range of high quality auto detailing services to meet specific needs.

Gloss Enhancement Detail

The Gloss Enhancement Detail is designed for the enthusiast that is looking for an all around bump in appearance and gloss from the paints finish and a proper and safe decontamination of all surfaces with a durable sealant applied for more gloss and protection. We decontaminate all surfaces with our clay bar and iron removal system. The interior receives a light clean up and vacuuming of all surfaces. The paint then receives a Light Machine Polish to remove 30% of the paints light to medium defects and swirls that are robbing the finish of it’s true brilliance. ┬áThis service is designed to be performed 2-3 times a year to keep the vehicle in top shape and designed for owners that do not want to use a long term Protective Coating. This service is light years ahead of what is a available at a drive up corner wash without breaking the bank.

The Gloss Enhancement Detail starts at $399

Interior Detail

The Interior Detail Service is designed to revive and refresh the interior of your car. All surfaces are cleaned including the dash, doors, seats, and carpets with steam cleaning techniques. All surfaces are protected with Gyeon Leather Coat and Fabric Coat to keep the dirt and grime from re soiling the every day components. This service is designed as an addition to a Detailing or Paint Correction package for a deeper level of service on the interior. Or as a standalone service to rejuvenate a vehicles interior.

Interior Detail Service starts at $299. Heavy pet hair and stains will be dealt with in a case by case basis and are charged around the time it takes to remove them.