Denver Paint Correction Pros – Detail Force

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat. American Muscle in every sense of the term. With 700 Horsepower at your disposal, this is a very fun car.

This Hellcat arrived in fairly good condition. A few noticeable paint blemishes and minor surface scratches to take care of before the Gyeon Quartz MOHS+ Coating System was installed


We start with a thorough paint decontamination to remove any below and above bonded surface contaminants, as well as any compound or polish residue residing in the paint so that we have a clean and raw paint surface to begin the polish work. We attacked the defects with the full range of Rupes long throw random orbital polishers and an assortment of polishes and pads to safely remove the defects and bring tons of clarity, depth, and gloss back to the paint.

After the paint was polished to perfection, we used Gyeon Prep to remove any and all polishing residue from our paint correction process. We then installed the Gyeon Quartz Mohs+ Ceramic Coating system. This coating is a two part Silica Dioxide based system consisting of an individual base coating designed to produce extreme hardness and gloss and a separate top coating designed to sheet water and contaminants from the vehicles surfaces safely and effectively to guard against chemical etching and preserve the finish underneath.

Once the Gyeon Mohs+ System is installed, each layer is cured with Short Wave InfraRed Curing lamps. This step produces maximum hardness and gloss and truly brings a touch more out of the coating system.

After curing, the Hellcat is rolled outside for final inspection. Myself, and the Owner were ecstatic with the final result. The metal flake in the paint is stunning. MOHS+ provides a 2 year warranty and solid protection for the Hellcats finish.For more information on Detail Force and Gyeon Quartz Coatings please call 720-767-4278. Our Denver Paint Correction Pros will aim to exceed your expectations every time. Enjoy!