Ultimate New Car Prep

Our Ultimate New Car Prep system is presenting you a vehicle at a level that a dealership or factory is simply not capable of producing.  It is designed to take your new car, enhance each surface for the maximum visual experience, and then protect those surfaces long term with the most advanced systems on the market.

“Better than new” is very possible. Just because your car is fresh off of the dealer lot, does not mean it is in its best possible shape. Cars are handled poorly during transport and the dealership “prep wash” often does more harm than good causing scratches and marring that is robbing the paints finish of its true depth, color, and clarity. The dealership simply does not take the time or have the skill set to properly prepare, protect, and present your vehicle at a high level.  The Factory itself does not take the time to bring the most out of the Paint System through fine and deliberate finish polishing.

New vehicles also do not come with any protection on the paint, wheels, glass, or interior to keep these surfaces looking their best long term. The products and warranties they attempt to sell you in the Finance room are low budget and poorly installed. Their main design is to get you back in to the dealership service department where you can be sold additional maintenance, so please do not bite. Not to shed a poor light on the dealerships, but we operate on the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to caring for your vehicle.

With 13 years in the business, we have seen it all. We know exactly which cars are mishandled at the factory, during transport, or at the dealership and how to address it. We know exactly how to bring the most out of factory paint over a broad range of vehicles. We know exactly where your new car is exposed to damage and how to protect it.

The Detail Force Ultimate New Car Prep is the perfect combination of Safe Surface Decontamination, Paint Enhancement, Paint Protection Film, and Protective Coatings and includes the following:

  • Intensive Surface Decontamination including a Foam Pre Soak, Iron Decontamination to remove the below surface bonded contaminants, Clay Bar Treatment to remove above surface bonded contaminants, several hand washes, and forced air dried
  • Machine polishing of the painted surfaces to enhance the gloss, depth, and color
  • Paint Protection Film installed to the Full Hood, Full Fenders, Front Bumper, Headlamps, Mirrors, Rocker Panels and Rear Bumper Impact Area, and A Pillars
  • Quartz Coating applied to the Paint, Film, Wheels, Windshield, Trim, and Interior

Price: Cars $3995 / Large Vehicles $4295