Gyeon Quartz Protective Coatings at Detail Force

You have all heard of carnauba waxes and sealants when discussing car care products and detailing. But what are these Coatings and why are they better? The answer lies in the chemical make up of each category. Let’s briefly go over each and point out some differences.


Wax is the most common term in the detailing world and what you are likely most familiar with. Automotive waxes contain natural Carnauba, from the Carnauba Palm Tree of Brazil, along with other oils. The higher end waxes will have a higher concentration of Carnauba by volume. Wax is designed to produce a warm glow in your paints finish, however its natural components break down very easily. Wax is great for short term shine but does not offer much in terms of protecting your vehicles paint from harmful UV and chemical damage, and often only lasts about a month.


Paint sealants are synthetic materials made up of polymers. Sealants produce a sharper shine than wax and tend to last a bit longer. You get more protection from a sealant than a wax and should expect 3-4 months of durability out of most sealants. Application is fairly simple and there is not much prep work needed.


Coatings are the biggest advancement in automotive protection products in a long time. Ceramic Coatings, also known as Quartz or Glass Coatings, are based on Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) suspended in different proprietary resins that when cured, create an extremely durable, protective, and glossy layer over the surface.  These coatings are designed to be extremely chemical (water spots, bird droppings) and UV (sun fading) resistant while giving a level of gloss that is simply unmatched. They are also designed to last an extremely long time. Depending on which coatings is chosen, and with proper maintenance, they are designed to last from 1-5 years.

At Detail Force, we have chosen to use the Gyeon Quartz line up of Protective Coatings. After testing many products on the market, we have found the Gyeon line to perform the best in the Colorado environment. The gloss is out of this world and we feel very comfortable that the cars are protected from the ever changing CO atmosphere. One of the biggest benefits of these coatings, apart from extreme gloss and real long term protection, is the ease of your regular wash maintenance. The paint, wheels or surface will stay clean for longer, and when it is time for a wash, the surface will release dirt and grime much more easily, making it safer and quicker to wash

We carry coatings specifically designed for paint, glass, wheels, trim, leather, and fabric. After applied all of our coatings are cured using Infrared Curing Lamps to get the most hardness and gloss out of the coating.

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